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Abbe Francois Picquet Podcast

Abbe Francois Picquet, whom Governor Duquesne declared was “worth more than ten regiments”, arrived at Van Rensselaer Point in 1749 to provide a suitable place for a Native American village for Christian converts and to build a fort to spy on the English at Fort Oswego. Picquet was born in Bourg-en-Bresse, France in 1708 and was ordained a priest in 1734. He arrived in Montreal that same year, serving as a parish priest until 1739. While there, Abbe Picquet mastered the Algonquin, Sioux, and Huron languages and learned native customs. For the next ten years he lived at Lake of the Two Mountains Mission (present day Oka, Quebec). Abbe Picquet’s main mission was to convince Native Americans living south of the Great Lakes to ally themselves with the French. He founded a French mission at present day Ogdensburg called La Presentation on June 1, 1749. Picquet worked diligently to ensure that the fort had enough funds and was successful in keeping the loyalty of his Christian conve…

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