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Ogdensburg Public Library

The present building that houses the Ogdensburg Public Library is Greek Revival and is the cornerstone of the Library Park National Historic District, which was established in 1982. Greek Revival design was popular from about 1825-1860 and features low pitched roofs and columns, with double-hung windows with 6 panes to each sash. Elaborate door surrounds are common with a porch or portico in front of the entrance.The first public library in Ogdensburg was established in 1828 by George Guest, Baron Doty, Bishop Perkins, James G. Hopkins, and Charles Lawton. However, it was dissolved several years later. By 1853 School District Number One had the largest public library in the county. A fire consumed the school building in 1859, but the books were saved. Later the public library moved to the John Barr Block on Ford Street.It was after Dr. Fred Van Dusen was appointed principal of Ogdensburg Free Academy in 1891 that the push for a “greater library which will be of incalculable serv…

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