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Silvester Gilbert House

Thanks to the Northern New York Community Foundation I've been able to fund a number of projects. The latest is a film about the Silvester Gilbert Home, which was located on State Street.The Gilbert house was a Georgian style stone house built in about 1821 by early resident Silvester Gilbert. Georgian style homes were prevalent in the thirteen colonies throughout the 18th century. These homes typically are constructed of stone or brick with a symmetrical arrangement of windows and doors on the front of the building. Windows are usually multi-paned sliding sash windows in a 6 over 6 pattern. The front door may have a transom window over it. The Gilbert family lived in this house for 50 years.Silvester Gilbert was born in Otego, New York on September 24, 1787. He came to Ogdensburg in 1810 establishing himself as a hatter. AfterSil the War of 1812 he formed a partnership with Judge Averill as a merchant. This partnership was dissolved in 1818.Silvester Gilbert was a promin…

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