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G. S. Dorwin Mansion

G. S. Dorwin Mansion The G.S. Dorwin Mansion (also called the Augsbury House) located at 527 State St., is an excellent example of Shingle Style architecture. This home was built in 1892, which was at the height of this style of construction. Shingle Style houses are marked by a monochrome appearance due to the fact that the shingles are unpainted and cover most of the exterior. They also feature expansive, wrap around porches, an asymmetrical facade, and irregular roof lines, with moderately pitched roofs. The Dorwin Mansion features Potsdam Sandstone, which was used as a building material throughout St. Lawrence County. The Mansion was almost torn down by the Hall Corporation in 1947 so that a gas station could be constructed on the State St. side before it was purchased by the Augsbury’s. The Proctor house located at 112 Caroline St. is another wonderful example of Shingle Style architecture. The Dorwin Mansion is located on the site of the former Goodno house and livery. …

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