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Nathan Woolley

Built by David Parish in 1810 the Parish Mansion, now known as the Frederic Remington Art Museum was constructed in the Federal Style. Popular from 1780-1820 this style features a center hall floor plan, symmetry and classical details. Dramatic windows are part of the Federal style as well. An addition in 1873 copied the three bay two story wing on the east side.The original home sat in the center of an estate that was surrounded by an 8 foot tall brick wall and included horse stables, a coach house and a gardener’s lodge. The main entrance was moved to Washington Street in 1873 and an open porch was added.There were a number of prominent citizens who lived in the Parish Mansion, but one who is not well known today was Nathan P. Woolley, who was born in Turin, New York, but came to Ogdensburg as a child in 1832. He was the son of Nathan Woolley and Hannah Woodworth, who were some of the earliest settlers in the area. A Civil War veteran, Woolley was appointed chief of police in 188…

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