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St. John's Episcopal Church

The Episcopalian Church has a long history in Ogdensburg starting with missionary Reverend David Nash who visited in 1816 with the first services being held in 1818 in the old courthouse. David Parish donated land for both Episcopal and Presbyterian churches. The cornerstone of the first Episcopal church was laid in 1821. It was designed in the Gothic-Federalist style like Trinity Church in New York City. The church was enlarged in 1843 and 1857 and many of Ogdensburg’s leading families were members of St. John’s including the Hasbroucks, James, Averell, Clarks, and Knapps.By 1869 the congregation had decided that the church was “unfit for public worship, badly out of repair, unsafe and too small for the accommodation of the congregation.” David Judson donated money to build a new church. Architect Emlen Littell of New York City designed an early decorated Gothic building inspired by St. Mark’s in Philadelphia. He also designed the Church of the Incarnation, which is listed on …

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