Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ogdensburg Bank Building

Learn about the Ogdensburg Bank Building, presently the office of Nicholas Fodor, Esq. This site on the National Historic Register.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Historic Homes of Ogdensburg

Many of Ogdensburg's old homes still remain. I created this movie to showcase the rich architecture in the city. The photos you see came from a souvenir book printed in the late 19th century with some additional photos taken by me. #ogdensburghistory

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Old Woolen Mills

This photo taken by Louis Murray ca. 1940 s shows the Old Woolen Mills (McGuire's). The caption reads "looking from King St. towards Main St. over the old power canal. Photo courtesy of the Ogdensburg Public Library. #ogdensburghistory

Monday, July 3, 2017

Ogdensburg Rocks

For the past couple of weeks a craze has been sweeping Ogdensburg. A Facebook page called Ogdensburg Rocks began with the premise of citizens decorating and hiding rocks throughout the city. The community both young and old has responded. Channel 7 News even did a story about it. The group has over 3,700 members. Pictures are posted showing rocks being painted and rocks being discovered and hidden again. To honor the community spirit, I decided to decorate a rock myself. Admittedly, I am NOT an artist, but I thought it might be fun if whomever found the #ogdensburghistory rock hid it again at a historic spot in the city. I'm excited to see what happens! #ogdensburgrocks

Monday, May 29, 2017

State Street Garage

This photograph was one of 112 that NPR scanned this month at the Ogdensburg Public Library. Located at the corner of State Street and Knox Street, it was taken ca. 1925. The site of the garage is now Dixie Lee Chicken, but the building formerly housed the Ogdensburg Marble Works.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

North Country at Work Scanning Event

The next NPR scanning event is Saturday, May 13 is at the Ogdensburg Public Library.

How Photo Sharing Works

If we’re coming to your area and you have work-related photos from the 1800s to the present, we hope you’ll come share them with us! Here’s how it works:

Collection: Please contact us for a time slot to come in with your photos and any information you have on them (the basics being what, who, when, and where, but we’d also love to hear any firsthand memories or family stories related to the photos!). We’ll sit down with you, record your information, and scan the photos. Please email us at to tell us you’re coming, so that we may assign you a window of time to come in. Walk-ins are welcome, but may result in a wait. #ogdensburghistory

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Silvester Gilbert House

Gilbert Notes

The Gilbert house was a Georgian style stone house built in about 1821 by early resident Silvester Gilbert. Georgian style homes were prevalent in the thirteen colonies throughout the 18th century. These homes typically are constructed of stone or brick with a symmetrical arrangement of windows and doors on the front of the building. Windows are usually multi-paned sliding sash windows in a 6 over 6 pattern. The front door may have a transom window over it. The Gilbert family lived in this house for 50 years. Silvester Gilbert was born in Otego, New York on September 24, 1787. He came to Ogdensburg in 1810 establishing himself as a hatter. After the War of 1812 he formed a partnership with Judge Averill as a merchant. This partnership was dissolved in 1818. Silvester Gilbert was a prominent early citizen of the village of Ogdensburgh. Among his many accomplishments was helping to form one of the first Masonic lodges in Ogdensburg, becoming a Master in 1826. He held many state offices for the Masons and was a member for 55 years. He was elected Supervisor of the Town of Oswegatchie and was a delegate in 1839 when General William Henry Harrison was nominated for president. On the local level, he was elected village clerk in 1817, village trustee in 1832, and village president in 1835 and 1856. He was elected to the New York State Assembly in 1827 as a Whig. Gilbert was named a commissioner of the Oswegatchie Navigation Company in 1831, which was formed to dig canals linking Black Lake, Gouverneur and Canton. He was elected as a vestryman and warden of the Episcopal Church and was instrumental in completing the building of St. John’s Episcopal Church here in Ogdensburg. The Ogdensburg Academy was established in 1835 with Gilbert listed as one of its trustees. He married Lois Ranney in 1818, who died in 1819. They had one son. Lois Ranney was the daughter of Capt. Seth Ranney, who served in the War of 1812 and Eleanor Matthews. He then married Nancy Ann Seymour, daughter of David and Nancy Seymour. They had 12 children. Silvester Gilbert died in 1865 and is buried in the Ogdensburgh Cemetery. After his death his fellow masons passed a resolution which said “his life has been characterized by a high tone of moral worth which won for him the regard of his fellow citizens.” #ogdensburghistory #urbanrenewal

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