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Sally James Farnham

"I have always felt beauty as well as strength, and loved them. These are important things in sculpture. To mould feeling, strength and wisdom, to see through the outer form and bring to the surface the unconscious joys of life, this is my task." Best known for her sculpture of Simon Bolivar, Sarah better known as Sally James Farnham was born to a prominent family in Ogdensburg, NY in 1869. Her father Col. Edward James was a Civil War veteran and noted trial lawyer and her mother was Sarah Welles Perkins. Sally’s mother died when she was very young. Afterwards her father moved to New York City with Sally to practice law and they travelled extensively throughout Europe and Japan. Sally was raised to be self-reliant. She enjoyed riding horses and reportedly scandalized her neighbors in Ogdensburg by breaking horses on Main St. At age 28 she married George Paulding Farnham (called Paul), who was a designer for Tiffany. They had three children. After the death of her f

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