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Duck Decoy Carvers: Part I Frankie Louis

This is the first video in a series about decoy carvers in Ogdensburg. There are many duck hunters in St. Lawrence County and decoying a duck is well developed here in Ogdensburg and surrounding communities. Early duck hunters used live ducks to lure ducks to the blind. After this practice was outlawed, some hunters made stuffed decoys, but these didn’t last long. Eventually hunters created decoys using cedar for the bodies and pine for the heads. Many hunters carved ducks for their own use and will not be covered in this series. One of the earliest commercial decoy carvers in the area was Frankie Louis (1878-1964). He was born in 1878 in Ogdensburg to Christopher Louis, who was from Alsace-Lorraine, France and Mary Delestre Louis, whose parents were also French. Frankie was one of 7 children. Christopher Louis built the home and shop at 325 Crescent St. where the family resided and where Frankie later operated a bicycle repair shop, car repair shop and decoy carving busi

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